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About Us

We believe in creating high-quality interiors that can withstand the test of time.

To us, design is all about making people’s lives better. This mindset is represented in our work, design decisions, and the suppliers and partners with whom we interact. It stems from our firm belief that an interior should blend aesthetics with layers of visual generosity. Texture, warmth, refined comfort, and a feeling of the client’s personality are woven throughout our work.

We have a plethora of in-house knowledge that distinguishes our services in the field of exquisite luxury residences and Interior Designers in Bangalore.

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Attention to Detail

Every fantastic design has an equally impressive background. We transform environments into works of art, imagination into design, and memories into a narrative.

We are dreamers, visualises, interior designers, architects, planners, and builders who want to make your home come to life with its unique story. This is because we feel there is always a story waiting to be told in every area we deal with.

Perfect Design

Beautiful, one-of-a-kind homes require the collaboration of experts and resources from various disciplines, including architecture, interior design, manufacturing, and installation management.

We are driven by art, nature, and science to combine these disciplines in novel ways to create humanistic, functional, and creative places, whether residential, office or commercial.

Creative Elements

We care deeply about the people spending time in the spaces we create, and our keen attention to detail allows us to anticipate their needs, provide elegant solutions, and craft beautiful environments for them.

Because given the opportunity, most locations have a lot to say about the unspoken tale of the design.

What We Do


We understand you and your requirements.

We interpret your story and produce WOW moments through design and delivery after learning about your personality, lifestyle, design preferences, and special needs. We don’t merely make our customers’ fantasies come true. We outperform expectations.


Materials, finishes, and brands

We construct with the best brand connections – Hettich, Havells, Saint Gobain, and so on – with staff ensuring innovative items at the best prices.


Complete command over production and execution

7th Heaven Interiors has exceptional competence with its proficient workforce, with knowledge of production and performance that exceeds many in the business and proof of delivery with 1500+ homes. Our worldwide Interior Designers and Design Mentors strive for perfection at every step.

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Our Offices

7th Heaven Interior, based in Bangalore, is a well-known turnkey office interior designer. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by overseeing the entire project from start to finish, ensuring that the results are delivered on time and within budget. Our architects have the unique ability to integrate your requirements with their inventiveness and business understanding.

When it comes to arranging your working environment, our highly prepared originators strongly emphasise your level of comfort. We understand that a working environment necessitates an ideal setting that may excite employees and motivate them to offer their all. When creating the office environment, our primary goal is to create an environment that makes you and your coworkers happy and energised. We guarantee high-quality services whether you are a multinational corporation or a home-grown start-up.

7th Heaven Interior’s Commercial Interior Design services include a diverse selection of interior decorators who provide brilliant designs. We are an interior design team committed to giving our clients the most outstanding innovative commercial interior design, traditional commercial interior design, or modern commercial interior design based on their preferences and the feel of their company’s brand.

7th Heaven Interior provides bespoke commercial interior design services to companies wishing to express their corporate image through functionally created rooms. Our commercial interior design services include office interior design, retail interior design, shopping mall design, and spatial designs in community centres, museums, stores, warehouses, and libraries. The way the interior of your home is decorated is of equal significance to the way any other component of it is. While architecture is given great attention when building or renovating a room, no space can be dubbed a dream house until equal work is put into interior planning and design.

During the décor phase, you should seek the assistance of the most significant house interior designers in Bangalore, who can transform an architectural marvel into a design marvel. 7th Heaven Interior is your one-stop solution for all home interior design needs, whether you seek bedroom interior designers in Bangalore or modular kitchen interior designers in Bangalore.

7th Heaven Interior is a one-stop shop for beautifully designed business interior spaces.

The following are the many interior decorating services in Bengaluru offered in this section of Commercial Space Design by 7th Heaven Interior in Bangalore and elsewhere:

  • Retail Space Design: This service offering includes the interior design of only consumer-focused places that also incorporate a brand characteristic. These retail space ideas are typically seen in shopping mall interiors, department stores, exclusive showrooms, and brand-specialised visual merchandising locations.
  • Office interior design: This service offering is meant to use space to represent various corporate brands, as well as to design office spaces for different types of enterprises. Community Centers, Stores, Warehouses, and Library Design: This design service solution is available to clients who want to develop functional yet aesthetically pleasing public spaces for various community objectives. Commercial Interior Design Solutions that are Innovative!

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