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Services Offered

7th Heaven Interiors provides personalised services in elegant interior design for residential living areas.

Residential Interior Design


Various Residential Interior Design services provided by 7th Heaven Interior are:

  • Living Room Designs
  • Kitchen Design
  • Bathroom Design
  • Bedroom Design
  • Dining Room Design
  • Residential Indoor and Outdoor Design
  • Kids Room Design
  • Gym Design and Stairway Design
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7th Heaven Interior’s design services are both inclusive and exclusive in nature. Their services are both modern and traditional in heart and tailored to the client’s needs. We specialise in both home and office interiors.

Bespoke services

7th Heaven Interior is a renowned interior décor and interior design firm that provides bespoke services to clients in Bangalore and other locations, covering all areas of interior build-in spaces and settings. 7th Heaven Interior’s teams are highly experienced and qualified interior design specialists specialising in creating unique residential and commercial interior spaces. Our bespoke interior design services are dynamic, tailored to the client’s requirements and demands, and thoroughly consider their preferences.

Commercial Interior

7th Heaven Interior creates wonderfully designed Commercial Interior Spaces and provides various commercial interior design services. Retail Interior Design, Hospitality and Recreation Interior Design, Office or Workplace Interior Design, and Hospital and Medical Office Interior Design are some of our specialist services.

3D visualisation

7th Heaven Interior is a collection of highly trained and professional interior designers and decorators who are well-versed in offering the most functional, productive, and visually appealing interior designs to commercial spaces, with offices in Bangalore and other cities.
7th Heaven Interior is a prolific team of 3D visualisation providers who give highly flexible, accessible, and inexpensive 3D visualisation services to clients in Bangalore and other locations, in addition to bespoke Residential and commercial interior design for their respected clientele.

Our mission is to create inspiring interiors reflecting how customers wish to live. Understanding our client’s aesthetic and lifestyle needs is critical to ensuring that the design reflects their individuality and reacts to their specific lifestyle, tastes, and objectives. We take pride in creating practical solutions for whatever the job requires.

7th Heaven Interior creates highly efficient yet gorgeous living interiors and offers various exclusive services to its clients in Bangalore and other places.

Their service offering is broken into three categories: