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Trisha Samall


With an interest in the use of reclaimed and sustainable materials, Trisha enjoys the learning curve and exposure to new processes and materials. The ability to customise for the individuality of each client and project is a treat. As ambiguity sometimes leads to confusion, she believes aesthetics should follow utility, with each space and its purpose either expressing the personality of the users and residents or being motivational and restful for employees and clients.

Lipsa Mohapatra


Consistently inspired by nature, she enjoys telling stories through spaces. Having strong visualization skills and understanding of proportions; with a keen eye for aesthetics, in a span of 7 years, she has been phenomenal in creating designs and redesigning spaces that are both pleasing and comfortable living-in. Her remarkable traits in visualizations and portrayal of proportions has been a thing her clients admire. She is self motivated, detail-oriented and adept in handling all business aspects of planning, designing, execution, and business management from conception to completion. She has been playing key roles in demos, design workshops, walkthroughs, collaborations for Co-working spaces across states & interior spaces management for residential and commercial projects through her designs and ideas. With the motto of Get, Set, and Decorate spaces that promise to inspire and indulge, she strongly advocates for gender equality and fair recognition of talent and efforts. In her other time, she binges on Hollywood flicks and horror movies and believes that's what gives her the much needed energy to rejuvenate.